Crêperie in Bretagne

Both crêpe and galette originally come from the Bretagne region located on the West coast of France, where tourists from around the world flock to visit and try a taste of the traditional French crêpes and galettes. Our Head Chef was born and grew up in the Bretagne region, giving him a taste bud and skills to recreate the heritage recipes that has been perfected throughout the decades.

House of Crêpes is the #1 authentic French crêpes in Indonesia.

The head chef, Chef Jeremy Tremel, is a French chef born in the Bretagne, France, the region where crêpes are originally from.


Our  golden age recipes are perfected through decades to make you dream as you have it straight from the traditional Crêperie in France. We'd like to present you the taste of French crêpes as you have it in France.


L'amour au Caramel

Banana Split

Plaisir Citronné

Coulis Berries


Ovomaltine Strawberry

Dark Chocolate Banana

Dark Chocolate Almond

Nutella Peanut Butter

Nutella Cheese

3 Kind of Cheese

3 Kind of Cheese Ham

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